Saturday, November 21, 2009

On A Mission

My family and I have been to a far away land for a purpose that we thought was right.  Nevertheless, we did not tell anybody about it until we were already back.  If I told you where we were going and what our purpose was, you would even have supported us.  In this world cultures are varied.  Cultures vary in their interpretation of mannerisms, actions, and even simple words.  What is good or right with one culture may be perceived as detestable in another.  Sometimes, the mere fact that we come from one country, we could be considered as an enemy by default. There were specific words that we were advised not to say.  The clothes we wore had to be those that respected the culture.  We talked and looked at the people in that country in a regulated manner.  So with all consciousness we tried to avoid saying or doing certain things.  Not that we allowed ourselves to be controlled by fear but we did not want to attract unnecessary attention to ourselves at the wrong time.   There is some work yet to be done and to try to protect our own right and comfort would have done injustice to our purpose.  For the same reason, I will not mention names of people or places in this post.

Here are the people of our church who recently left go to a far away land  and those who sent them.  I trust the Lord that He will protect them from evil and that He will do His work through their strengths and abilities while they are there and even more so when they come back.

Mothers sent their children whom they protected so carefully.  Wives sent their husbands who they share their lives with. A husband sent his beloved wife.  Such an expression of faith and of trust.   There is a equivalent sacrifice between those going and those left behind.

The team is made up of a diverse ages and status.  They all are now part of one team who will work together as one so that they will please the One they seek to serve.  They will be watched by everyone, Christians and non-Christians alike.  I pray that the the Holy Spirit will surround them so that they will shine with the love that they have been empowered with.

There is power in diversity.

There are many women who lost their husbands in this place where they are now.  Many children lost their fathers.  They lost their houses.  When almost everything that says "home" is gone, hope seem so far away.  May the love and service that this team show, bring hope to those who have lost a lot.

The people that they seek to minister to are believers.  Knowing the adversity that these believers have to undergo in such culture, we can say that they are persistent in their faith.  However, even Job, King David, and Solomon have had times when they needed a boost in their spirits.  May the lives and examples of those who went revive the believers there like water to a wilting plant.

"If you carefully observe all these commands... No man will be able to stand against you. The LORD your God, as he promised you, will put the terror and fear of you on the whole land, wherever you go." ~Deuteronomy 11:22...25

Experiencing a different culture when you are young is a lot easier than when you are older.  I gathered this from watching my children's reactions compared with mine.  They are almost always more accommodating of the differences in the way things ought to be done. They are willing to try new things.  The younger members of the team are fortunate and will have a good chance of straightening stereotypes.

Young and old they all will have a clearer understanding of the way the other half of the world live.  Young and old they will all come home will gratefulness for the freedom and abundance that we all enjoy on this of the globe.  May the Lord give us all the humility to praise Him for all the good things He has made available for us.

We all hope to see them back safe after Thanksgiving.  

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