Thursday, December 3, 2009

Women of Faith or Not?

Tomorrow is Women of Faith conference at Arco Arena.  It's my first time to go to one.   What do I expect to get from this two-day conference?  I'm not sure.  My friend Sue says she likes it.

From my experience, conferences like this one are generally a lot rah-rah to the speakers.  Women, especially, go to conferences like this because they've heard of the speaker before.  We've read the books or the bible studies the speaker has written.  Never mind that the study was not that good as long as it made us laugh.  I'm kind of hesitant to get excited because in these conferences, the speakers are celebrities.  They are promoted like stars of a movie event.  And we, the women, are like the fans.  God forgive me... but sometimes it makes me cringe to see how women adore them.  Don't assume that I am so righteous that I haven't fallen into the same trap.  I've been and maybe will be there again. 

The speakers teach us about God and the bible, they even tell you to worship God instead of them but some women forget that.  Johnny Depp, for example,  is not a pirate but in my house we call him Captain Jack Sparrow.  Johnnye Depp was only acting as pirate Captain Jack Sparrow.  The speakers in conferences and authors of books are sometimes perceived as what they write about.   I also think, although I can't be sure, that in a situation where there are several speakers in on conference, there is a hidden competition among them.   There's the pressure to be the best.  The one who made the crowd laugh or cry more is the one who will sell a book better.

Advantages to going to Women of Faith conference:
1.  Fellowship and renewed friendship among those who are going.  We will be tailgating for dinner- and we will have a lot of free time just doing what girls do together.
2.  Learning together - We'll all have the same experience although internalization will vary.  When we will talk about what we heard and not who said it then we will be in the right track.

After the conference, maybe I'll be in a better position to list more advantages since, after all, this is going to be my first time to go.  Everything that I've written therefore is based on my own previous experiences with similar events and my speculation.

If you have been to one before, then may I ask you help me complete the list.

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