Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Still Relevant

One of the cabinets in the laundry room holds my collection of fabrics.   These fabrics are scraps from projects I did in the past or materials that were intend for a project but never got started.  The other day I opened the cabinet and I noticed a very interesting piece of a quilted white fabric.  Printed on this quilt this quilt is a Precious Moment picture of a boy riding on a pony.  I started to make a baby blanket when I was still pregnant with Brahms.  I envisioned my son cutely wrapped in it.  I was almost done with it - I was about to finish attaching the pastel blue edging on it.  In fact, the needle that I used to handsaw the sides was threaded and still where I left it fifteen and a half years ago.  Brahms is now almost six feet tall (5'9") - the blanket has lost its relevance. 

A while back I also started to go through the book of Matthew and writing my thoughts about it in this blog.   I've been distracted.  I read but I skipped the writing part of it.  Well, just like opening that cabinet full of fabrics, my old journal brought me to the realization that I have an unfinished project.  Unlike the baby blanket whose purpose became outdated, this Matthew Project remains relevant.  As I write down my thoughts about the words of God I am forced to humble myself to ponder not only of the contents of the book but the wisdom of the author - God himself. 

Lord I want to understand you.   I want to honor you in the things I do.  Please help.