Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Daily Ponderings: Psalm 2

Where is your Allegiance
Recommended reading: Psalm 2
The second chapter of the book of psalms foretells of the coming of the Messiah.  It talks about the wretched behavior of nations towards God (v.1-5), the sovereignty of God and coming of His anointed one to come and rule the earth (v.4-9), and warning to the kings of the earth (v.10-12).   Although we are not kings nor rulers of the earth all of us are part of the nations that they lead and we, whether intentional of not, influence those who are watching us.

Sometimes the word of God is very straight forward and very pointed.  These verses speak of how insignificant we are in relation to God and his power.  Yet He loves us and through His Words he speaks to us, his creation, in order to allow us a chance to choose to follow Him.  Mankind was created and modeled after perfection - God himself (Genesis 1:27).  He provided us with all the potential to become citizens of His kingdom to enjoy His abundant love and blessings.  Man was made in God's image but God left him to master his own heart.  He had to be the one to direct his own heart. 

In January 1991, I came to the USA on a fiancé visa.  Tim and I got married and after a couple of years I got my Green Card, which legalized my permanent residence in this country.   For a while that was enough for me.  However, having a green card does not qualify me to all the rights and privileges of a citizen.  For example: I need a visa whenever we go to another country; and I am not allowed to vote even if I have very strong opinions about matters that are being decided upon on elections.  These restrictions prompted me to try to get my US citizenship; filled out all necessary forms; made sure I had all the required documents; and studied the book called "Citizenship for Dummies" for the test.  Then I was ready, or I thought I was.  In the very back of the book is a sample of the oath for the final step to becoming a citizen.   The words to the oath shocked me.  To pledge my allegiance to the USA is no problem for me.  I love the USA!  However that is not enough - I must also denounce my loyalty to the Philippines.  "This is like a divorce!", I said.  "Let me think about it." 

God wants to have complete allegiance from His people.  He is a jealous God and shares His throne in your heart with no one.  He will bless those who take refuge in Him with inheritance that's beyond what we can imagine.  While those who are against Him will be simply crushed and destroyed because they did not present a "masterpiece heart" that pleased Him.   If you are still relying on something less than God for a good life and inheritance then your loyalty does not reside in Him.  "Kiss the Son lest he be angry...Blessed are all who take refuge in him." (Psalm 2:12)

One of these days, I will use my wise judgment to go raise my right hand and pledge to be loyal to this country at all costs.  :)

Dear Father, most holy and loving God, you are my refuge, my provider, and my deliverer.  I heard your voice when you called me.  Thank you.  Here I am bowed down at your feet ready to serve you. 


  1. I enjoyed reading this - I have just come downstairs after reading the last few chapters of Isaiah which speaks of the future dealings the Lord will have with the nations.

    This isn't the bridge over the River Tay in Perth as it looks so much like it?

    Helen you're welcome to my photography blog anytime.

  2. Yes, it is the River Tay! We visited Scotland in 2005 and one of the places we stayed in was in Perth. There's a hotel near the train station - I forgot the name.

    Thanks for reading my blog. :)

  3. Ahh I thought I recognised my home town bridge! It's called the Quality Inn. I love walking along side the Tay and taking photos from that same spot as you :)

    Have a lovely weekend :)