Monday, February 8, 2010

One More Reminder

Not a lot of people have heard about him but in our family Steve Bell is a common name.  We listen to his album all the time.  Last night was a special night because we got to go see him in person at a concert in Capitol Christian Church.  It was interesting to hear him say the stories behind all the music that he plays.

Steve Bell is a guitarist and singer.  He is also a story teller with a Canadian accent.  The thing that caught my attention beyond his musical ability is his passion in "othering" which, in my own words, is the price that we give for the welfare of others. 

He used the example of Jesus washing the feet of His apostles.  The sacrifice of resource, prides, and comfort so that someone else's situation would improve. 

Sometimes, we get carried away by our own predicaments that we forget to open our eyes to others with compassion.  The gifts that God gives us were meant to be shared and we were meant to be the tunnels for those blessings to flow through.  We should not get in the way of the stream of goodness that comes from God.  There are many ways in which we all can be involved in "othering".  The following video reminds me of Our Brothers' Burden, which is a ministry that focuses on meeting the needs of widows and orphans in India.  The story about the way Our Brother's Burden started (Pastor Naha's coming to El Dorado Hills)shows that we don't need to look far away for an opportunity.  Sometimes it literally knocks at our doors.

The following video features "Deep Calls To Deep" - one of the songs that Steve Bell sang during the concert.  For me, this is one more reminder to make sure that I will extend my hands far enough to reach those who need help.  I hope it will do the same for you.

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