Thursday, August 27, 2009


My camera served as a ticket to see something special. Beyond the photographic image captured, something beautiful was made visible as I took pictures.
Last Sunday everyone might have noticed that I was going around taking pictures of the ladies. Husbands were surprised that they were asked to distance themselves from their spouses for a little bit. The pictures were intended to be posted on Facebook, The Cornerstone Woman page in particular. The photographs were very satisfactory and served the purpose. The quality of pictures came out different depending on height of the person, physical background, light intensity and direction. Thanks to a 12-mega-pixel camera and an automatic setting. They were all beautiful!
Reviewing the different pictures one by one, I began to remember how each person responded when their picture was about to be taken. The responses were diverse. They were appropriate, and yet uniquely different. By taking a close-up shot of each of them I got to see something beyond the way they look. Going to church Sunday after Sunday does not necessarily give me the opportunity to know these ladies. It is when I deliberately approach someone and show interest that I get to understand the real picture of any individual.
I wonder what others read of my personality every time I smile, frown, turn my head away, or ignore someone. Whatever it is, anyone is entitled to it.

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